Blood meal is produced from clean, fresh animal blood, exclusive of all extraneous material such as hair, stomach belching, and urine; except as might occur unavoidably in good manufacturing processes. A large portion of the moisture (water) is removed mechanically by a dewatering process and is then transferred to a rapid drying facility.
Features Benefits
High quality source of protein
- Excellent amino acid profile
- 86% Minimum protein content
Great blending capability

Low dust
Outstanding Lysine Animals eat feed quicker and consume more
Improves performance
- Improves growth rate
- Increased feed intake
Animals get to market quicker, with less feed
Rotary dried Higher protein - less dust

Organic Fertilizer Uses 
An all natural organic fertilizer is a fast source of organic nitrogen. For use on plants that require nitrogen. Also speeds decomposition in compost piles. Said to repel deer.

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